Ulama-e-Haq by Shaykh Ml. Zakariyya (R) - The True Ulama

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This booklet is a part of the Fazaail-e-Sadaqaat written by Sheikhul Hadith, Hadhrat Moulana Muhammad Zakariyya Kaandhlawi (RA).
This section of the Fazaail-e-Sadaqaat had been directed especially to the Ulama-e-Kiraam wherein Hadhrat Sheikh (RA)reproduces 12 special qualities of an Aalim-e-Rabbaani which Imaam Ghazaali (RA)has listed. 
This section has been printed separately in a booklet so that it may be easier for the Ulama-e-Kiraam to benefit from the great advices mentioned therein.